Swedish RÖtt KRÖN Ceramic Headphones

Let the technology sublimation into beauty

Made by Nordic century-old listed company Nolante Nolato

Rare Pink Ceramic Headphones

Spring Swing/Yangyang Early Spring

Bang series [all-ceramic]]

China Year Dragon Limited Ceramic Headphones

Oriental Indigo/Oriental Indigo

Bang series [all-ceramic]]

Limited Sale Litmus Red Ceramic Headphones

Bloomin'/In full bloom

Bang series [all-ceramic]]

The whole network best-selling Le Kuang brand sales TOP1

Lagom Six-point Porcelain Bag Headset

Ice Pink & Cheese White/Ice Mist & Cheese White

Lagom series [six points porcelain]]

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Let technology sublimate into beauty Sweden RÖtt KRÖN Ceramic Earphone

Advanced ceramics combined with innovative technology
Create the sound of gemstones

Nordic design
Swedish quality

Create technological aesthetics
Write the future of wearable devices